Exhibition That Challenges Thought

The exhibition Kyss will be on display at Dalarna University. With its premise in the Song of Songs from the Bible, the exhibition challenges the traditional gender power order that Christianity and other religions have upheld.

Sketch from the exhibition

"We see the exhibition as a point of discussion when it comes to the equal value of the individual and the value of democracy and diversity," explains Dalarna University Student Chaplain Anders Litborn.

During this weekend's Dalapride event, the Church of Sweden will display Kent Wisti and Maria Küchen's exhibition "Kyss" at Falu Kristine Church. It will then move to Campus Falun between October 25 and October 29, before then moving to the library at Campus Borlänge from October 2 to October 6. The exhibition is described as being a meditation in words and pictures of the Song of Songs, while the form is erotic. The message is peace, and critique of power and norms.

"The University will take part in Dalapride, and it feels only natural for us to take this opportunity to display this exhibition. What is more, on September 26 the University will hold its annual Diversity Day, making the exhibition even more time-appropriate," continues Litborn.

Kent Wistis describes the exhibition as being feminist with its ambition to depart from the patriarchal understanding of sexuality.

"We believe that the exhibition can contribute to discussion on sexuality, gender and gender power order," states Litborn.

Kent Wisti is chaplain, artist and satirist, and Maria Küchen is author and culture journalist. The exhibition developed through collaboration with Sensus and comprises 15 graphics with words and pictures.

Students, colleagues and the general public are all welcome to visit the exhibition.

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