Donations to Musikhjälpen

Joy, community and thousands of kronor. This was the result of the event Musikhjälpen that was put together by Dalarna University's student radio in December of last year.
Dalarna's student radio in action in Falun
Dalarna's student radio in action in Falun

Over the course of about a week, the Musikhjälpen radio show was broadcast from business premises in a pedestrian shopping area in central Falun. Money was collected with the theme "Everyone Has the Right to Function Differently". Despite the amount collected being lower than last year's, Amanda Wilhelmsson, Chairperson for Dalarnas Studentradio and Project Leader, was more than happy with the results.

"The week was really great. There were many dedicated and enthusiastic students involved who spread the sense of joy and community. It was both difficult and stressful because many of us had no experience with the planning of a project, and this project was large scale with lots of people involved. The result of that though is that we learnt a great deal," explains Amanda Wilhelmsson.

There are a number of reasons why the student radio gets involved in Musikhjälpen - one is because it has an important purpose and others are that it's a chance for students to make use of what they have learnt, to learn more and to create some good memories. Due to costs, a new location had to be found this year for the event, while this year, more students were involved, which required more time and effort for the project to be successful.

What was the goal and are you happy with the results?

"The goal was to bring in about the same amount as last year, 35 000 sek. We didn't meet that goal but are still really happy with our efforts," concludes Amanda Wilhelmsson.