Doctoral Students Present Their Research in Three Minutes

On Thursday, March 14, nine doctoral students took part in a competition that saw them present their research in three minutes, with subjects from a number of fields of study, including Healthcare, Tourism and Education.

The winners at the Campus Borlänge Library

The winners at the Campus Borlänge Library

Receiving first prize was Amanda Jacobsen, whose presentation was about more person-centred care in the ambulance service. She has been in her doctoral programme, specialisation evidence-based care, for about a year now and saw the competition as a great opportunity.

"Being able to take part in a competition like this allows me to practice presenting my research. I want my research results to reach out - that's the whole point. I think it's important that doctoral students learn how to communicate their research. This competition gave me that opportunity," states Amanda Jacobsen.

The prize money of 15 000 sek will be put towards courses and materials.

The second prize of 10 000 sek went to Eugenio Conti: ”Tourist Valuation of Natural Areas: What Online Photography Tells Us”.

Other doctoral students taking part were:

Luis Oliveira: ”Decision-Making in SME Internationalization”

Christine Breili: ”Att forska med föräldrar om föräldrar”

Cecilia de Bernardi: ”The role of Authenticity and Certifications in Sámi Tourism”

Anita Purcell Sjölund: “In the Wake of Captain Cook: (re-)Imagining the Native in Ethnotainment Programmes of Pacific “Tribes”

Maria Svedbo Engström: “Wide-screen i diabetesvården”

Somayeh Aghanavesi: “Multisensor Data-Driven Methods for Quantification of Motor Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease”

On the jury were Jonas Tosteby, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education; Ulrica Momqvist, Director of Marketing and Communication; and Catharina Nyström Höög, Professor and Dean.

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