Designexit: Exhibition Shows Student Design Talent

The annual event, Designexit, gave students the chance to exhibit their fantastic graphic design productions in this, their final year of studies. This year, the exhibition was held in the creative environment Lokstallarna in Falun.
Viktor Eklund
Viktor Eklund standing in front of an exhibit

Since 1992, design students at Dalarna University have exhibited their work at an event at the end of their studies. Five years ago, the event was officially named Designexit - and this year's theme was transparence.

"The students themselves planned, provided information about, and put in place the exhibition," says Åsa Svensson, who is instructor in the programme along with Alexander Karlsson.

Åsa and Alexander standing outside in front of a building

"The work in the exhibition was part of a number of courses taught throughout the year. The students inspired one another during that time. For this year's exhibition, they got help from students in the Audiovisual Production Programme so as to create a really dynamic experience."

"The students are very capable of taking their own initiative when it comes to contacts with external businesses," explains Alexander Karlsson. "They even managed to secure a number of sponsors for the exhibition."

The theme of transparency was demonstrated in a number of ways in the students' work. A general interpretation of the theme is that you no longer can hide in the academic world but have to get out and show what you can do.

Viktor Eklund, from Skellefteå, is one the student exhibitors at this year's Designexit.

"I've learnt so much throughout my years at Dalarna University - you could say that I have learnt all I need to so as to pursue a career in the profession."

Designexit draws a great deal of interest each year from businesses, who see this as an opportunity to recruit skilled and well-educated graphic designers.

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