Decrease Your Mobile Phone Use To Feel Better

This is what Ida Gisslén, a teacher-training student from Dalarna University, is telling pupils at Åvestadalsskolan, a school in the town of Krylbo.

Ida standing outside in front of bushes with a mobile phone in her hand.
Ida is one of ten students who discuss the use of mobile phones with pupils in Krylbo.

Ida Gisslén is one of ten students in the physical education teacher-training programme who is part of a collaborative project called "Health for Young People at Åvestadalskolan in Krylbo".

"It's really interesting and we are all learning lots, both the teacher-training students as well as the pupils," states Ida.

The background to the project is that the school made contact with the university to see if it could help to improve the health of pupils in Krylbo. That was in 2017.

What have you noticed?

"That there are pupils who want to be more physically active and who want to change their eating habits, as well as the fact that there are many pupils who talk about sleeping badly because of their mobile phones. They use them late into the night and this leads to stress. Social media also shows images of perfection that the pupils feel they need to live up to. What is clear is that pupils are very much aware about social media and its effect on physical health," Ida further states.

Do you have tips that you feel are especially important for pupils?

"Yes, we talked a great deal about social media and about decreasing the amount of time we spend in front of the screen. It's not good for the brain to be constantly exposed to so many different impressions that we get from our mobile phones, espeically just before sleep. All of us should really reduce our screen time, not just the pupils at Åvestadalskolan," concludes Ida.


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