Dalarna University’s International Master’s Programmes Have Highest Number of Applicants

The Master’s Programmes in Business Intelligence and Data Science at Dalarna University attract students from throughout the world and are the two international programmes at the Master’s level that have the highest number of applicants compared with other higher education institutions in Sweden.

This year, a total of 1 365 potential students applied to the University’s international Master’s programmes. Of these, 733 listed Dalarna University as their first choice.

Why is it that these two programmes – Business Intelligence and Data Science – stand out compared with other institutions?

“We were among the first in the world to offer a programme in Business Intelligence. When it comes to Data Science, Dalarna University has been offering this programme longer than any other institution, a fact that lends us real substance in this context,” explains Kenneth Carling, coordinator of both programmes.

”Researchers within the relevant fields work closely together, which provides yet a further dimension. We have designed the programmes to be attractive from both an academic and a professional, job-market standpoint. We have also successfully established good relations and integration among our students. The fact that students who have been here for a while take courses alongside new students means the new students establish themselves more quickly when it comes to both their studies and social network. It’s a smart way for students to share their knowledge and provides a sense of security for students, something we are proud of,” explains Kenneth Carling further.

”We redesigned our programmes ready for autumn 2019, and this made them even more attractive. A number of our students who completed their studies in the spring of 2020 were offered internships or work, either here in Sweden or in other countries,” states Michael Oppenheimer, Development Coordinator, International Recruitment.

There has been an upward trend since 2018, but the question is whether there are any notable patterns in the increase. Kenneth can see several interesting factors.

”From an external perspective, I believe that Brexit has played a part. The USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain are high on the list of countries that potential students tend to be interested in. Because of Brexit, Great Britain is no longer an obvious choice, and so potential students start looking at alternatives. Sweden has a solid reputation and is regarded as a country of innovation. What is more, we have the Swedish Institute, and this has done a fantastic job marketing and promoting Sweden as an attractive place to study.

The next stage in the admissions process is selection. Applicants to the international Master’s programmes will find out on October 16 whether or not they have been admitted.

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