Dalarna University To Commence Complementary Studies for People with Non-Swedish Qualifications

In a press release from the Ministry of Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, the Minister for Higher Education and Research, explained how many people from among the Swedish populace still find it difficult to find work that fits their level of competence and education. The thought is that those who come to Sweden will find work quickly once here, but it is not enough that they simply find a job; rather, the aim is that they will find work that meets their competence and education.

"For people coming to Sweden, the chance to be able to complement their foreign education can be decisive in their attempts to establish themselves in the Swedish workforce," Helene Hellmark Knutsson states.

The new courses are aimed at those who have a foreign degree equalling at the highest two years of full-time studies.

"It is a real pleasure that Dalarna University has been given this assignment. The value and benefits that come with diversity are important and by offering these courses, we can help to see that such competence serves to make for a better society," stated Dalarna University's Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges.

Dalarna University is just one institute of higher education to be commissioned in this way: others will be offering courses for those with a foreign education in the professions of pharmacist, architect, midwife, biomedical analyst, physiotherapist, engineer, psychologist, nurse and social worker, as well as the two aforementioned system analyst and economist.

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