Dalarna University Researchers on Prestigious IVA List

When the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) presented its list of the 100 most influential researchers within the field of competitive sustainability, no fewer than 11 were Dalarna University employees who are involved in two research projects.

Each year, IVA publishes a list of 100 research projects that have the potential to benefit society in practical terms. The list highlights the research being conducted at Swedish institutions of higher education. This year, the theme is sustainable competitiveness, and the list, when it was presented recently, gave the names of five researchers from Dalarna University's Microdata Analysis Department in the category Smart Products and Services and the names of six researchers from the field of Energy and Construction Engineering in the category Society and Welfare.

The five researchers from Microdata Analysis are currently involved in the project Efficient Adjustable SupplY in Local chaIns of Food for consumErs (EasyLife): the researchers are Johan Håkansson, Madelen Lagin, Carin Nordström, Roger G Nyberg and Vijay Paidi. The project receives financing from Familjen Kamprads stiftelse and is headed by Johan Håkansson. It is one of 50 IVA projects that will be presented to some 100 companies at the R2B Summit on March 18.

The other project is Future Proof Cities from the category Society and Welfare and is an example of research in the field of sustainable urban development that is being run by three universities: the University of Gävle, Dalarna University and Mälardalen University. Those involved in this project from Dalarna University are Ewa Wäckelgård, Professor of Energy and Construction Engineering, Chris Bales and Mats Rönnelid, Professors of Energy Engineering, Tony Svensson and Ulf Ranhagen, Visiting Professors of Construction Engineering and Roland Ahlström, Professor of Work Sciences.

The 100 List is part of a collaborative IVA project involving Vinnova, PRV, Teknikföretagen, Svenskt Näringsliv, KK-stiftelsen and Swedish institutions of higher education.


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