Dalarna University Receives Funding for Study Circles on Digitalisation

The grant of 969 000 sek was awarded from Ljungbergsfonden for a project on digitalisation.

There is a great need for professional development among teacher educators and teachers in schools to be able to meet and discuss how digitalisation affects us as individuals, how it affects teaching in schools and how it affects society in general.

Within the Teacher Education programmes, there is also a need to increase competence among students so that digital equipment and software can be used as a means to reach the various learning objectives.

Dalarna University has therefore been granted funding from Ljungbersfonden so that it can offer teachers and teacher educators at Dalarna University two study circles on digitalisation: one that focuses on programming and one with a component on programming.

The study circles are set to begin in September/October 2017 and will run over the course of one year. The project is three years in duration.

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