Dalarna University granted permission to award the Degree of Master in Sustainability and Tourism

Dalarna University is pleased to announce that it now has the right to award a two-year Degree of Master in the field of Sustainability and Tourism. The programme will bring together expertise from other disciplines with a focus on challenges related to sustainability.

– This is wonderful news and demonstrates how our research and education in the field of tourism and leisure continue to develop and deliver high quality, says Tobias Heldt, Head of the Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research (CeTLeR) and Associate Professor (Docent) in Tourism Studies.

The reason the University chose the specialisation of tourism and sustainability results from challenges within society that come with sustainability related to travel and tourism.

– This new two-year Master’s programme will provide students with the opportunity to explore sustainability issues and resilience while reflecting on the complexity of working with these issues in relation to the tourism industry and tourist destinations, explains Ioanna Farsari, Associate Professor (Docent) in Tourism Studies and Programme Director of the one-year Master’s Programme in Tourism Destination Development.

Faculty staff in the field of Tourism Studies at the University have a great deal of expertise in sustainable regional and local development, sustainable employment in the tourism industry, entrepreneurship, and the development of experiences related to events and outdoor activities. Programmes and courses have close ties to research through the University’s well-established Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research (CeTLeR), which throughout the years since its establishment has worked on many research projects relating to sustainability and tourism.

The plan is to offer the new two-year Master’s programme for the first time in the autumn of 2025. The new Master’s programme is based on the existing one-year Master’s programme and on Tourism Destination Development. The thought is that students who have completed or who will begin the one-year programme this autumn 2024 will have the opportunity to continue to the two-year programme.

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