Dalarna University Flies the Sami Flag

The Sami are Sweden's only indigenous people and today, February 6, marks their National Day, which is celebrated around Sweden as well as in Norway, Finland and Russia.

The Sami FlagFebruary 6 was chosen as the Sami National Day to celebrate the first Sami congress in Tråante (Trondheim) on February 6, 1917. Meanwhile, this year is the 100th anniversary of the first Sami congress held in Sweden, which took place in Staare (Östersund) in 1918.

Dalarna University has both students and colleagues with a Sami background. As well, research is conducted here on issues related to the Sami people, while reindeer raising is an industry that has place in the province of Dalarna.

By flying the Sami flag, the University aims to recognise the importance of democratic values and the rights of indigenous peoples.

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