Dalarna University Awarded Funds To Facilitate Access to Higher Education

Awarded by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, the funding sits at 1.8 million sek and means that Dalarna University will be involved in a pilot project that will develop long-term structures for the assessment of prior learning and validation of undocumented foreign studies.

These structures will help those who lack formal qualifications for university studies to demonstrate that they nevertheless have the prerequisites to complete higher level studies successfully. This will mean that those who do not have complete documentation, such as a degree certificate, can enter the labour force by having their competence validated.

"It is important that entry is open and accessible to as many as possible. Studies empower the individual as well as society at large, and significantly higher numbers ought to be given the opportunity. Through assessment of prior learning and validation of, for example, studies in another country, more will have the opportunity," states Pro-Vice-Chancellor Marie Klingberg-Allvin.

Dalarna University has previously been awarded funding for validations and credit transfer as part of the teacher-training programme and is also part of a project for the validation of vocational teachers along with five other institutes of higher education.

The funding for the project will be distributed over 2017 and 2018.

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