Construction Underway - New Parking Considerations

Due to construction of new offices, the number of parking spaces at Campus Falun is now limited. This being the case, car-users are asked to give extra thought to how they park while at the university.

Construction is currently underway at Campus Falun. New modular offices are being put in place in a former parking area to make room for staff who need to move out from the main campus building while work is being done to the ventilation system.

Car-users who formerly used the area now occupied by the modular offices are being requested to park in the large parking area on the other side of the road. Meanwhile, so that as many car-users can find a parking space, students, staff and visitors are asked to keep the following in mind:

  • Follow the signs and parking directions that are in place
  • Don't park too close or too far from the vehicle next to you
  • Park straight
  • Drive in your car as far as you can to make it easier for other drivers to pass your car and to reverse out

Park Here Too

If you can't  find a parking space in the large gravelled area (which is free to park in) on the other side of the road from the bus, you can try to find one close to Lugnetkyrkan: there you have to pay using the ticket machine. You can also park at the Lugnet sporting arena, where there is a large area of free parking.

Take the Bus!

You know that as a student at Dalarna University, you can get a discount on ticket prices: see Dalatrafik's webpage Studentrabatt (Swedish text).

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