Collaboration Work at the University Awarded Funding

The EU has allocated 22 million sek to Dalarna University to work over the course of three years on four large-scale collaborative projects with regional business and industry.

The total budget is close to 50 million sek, with other financing bodies being Region Dalarna, Region Gävleborg, Dalarna University and over 20 companies. Work will begin immediately in the new year.

"It's very good news that Dalarna University has been awarded this funding to further its collaboration with business and industry, as well as society, and to an even greater extent tie this collaboration to our education and research," states Martin Norsell, Vice-Chancellor at Dalarna University.

Two of the projects concern the development of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), which has had a long-standing place at the university. One of these is KTP Energi, a project being conducted alongwith Gävle University that is specifically designed for companies that are interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The second, KTP Science, has its focus on conducting more research-based projects within the areas of strength in the region. KTP Science is being conducted with Gävle University, and the total budget for both projects is just about 30 million sek.

The third university project to receive funding, in its case about 11 million sek, is Energiinnovation. Its aim is to further develop the energy centre Energikompetenscentrum (EKC),  The aim of this project is to initiate collaboration with companies to strengthen research collaboration and co-production within the regional energy sector. A particular focus will be on Jakobsdalen in Borlänge, which is a regional innovation arena.

The fourth project is CeTLeR 2.0, which will continue with its research and collaboration within the field of tourism in which the goal is to meet needs in terms of competence and research-based knowledge in companies within the tourism sector. Its budget is about 8 million sek.


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