Collaboration To Mean Greater Academic and Public Visibility for Intercultural Studies Research

The research profile Intercultural Studies at Dalarna University has commenced collaboration with the academic publishing house Peter Lang, which will involve the publication of the Cultural Identity Studies Series.

We are pleased to announce that the research profile Intercultural Studies has just started formal collaboration with the academic publisher Peter Lang.

This will mean the editorship of the profile's Cultural Identity Studies Series, which will involve Carmen Zamorano Llena, Billy Gray and Jonas Stier as Series Editors, and an Editorial Board formed by active members of the research profile who are representative of its different disciplines, including literature, linguistics, sociology, political sciences, religion and media.

"This is both a recognition of the research we do within Intercultural Studies and an opportunity to show the international academic community what we do at Dalarna," says Jonas Stier, Research Director for Intercultural Studies.

"This venture will enable us to expand on the interdisciplinary work within our research profile and to increase the contacts with other colleagues working in this and related research areas worldwide," says Carmen Zamorano Llena, Associate Professor of English (literature).

"It provides us with an important opportunity to both actively promote the research competency available within our research profile and achieve greater academic and public visibility for this work being undertaken at Dalarna University," says Billy Gray, Associate Professor of English (literature).

The collaboration will providea a unique opportunity for the research profile not only to publicise its work worldwide, but also to contribute to shaping an area of knowledge that has proved indispensable in the contemporary globalised context of transnational and transcultural exchanges.

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