An interesting future awaits energy and construction engineering graduates

Santiago Valencias goal is to help fight global warming. He has just received a scholarship for his thesis, graduated and started a project employment. The job prospect for him and his graduating classmates looks promising – energy construction engineers are wanted on the labour market.
Tre män som skakar hand, ena mannen får ett diplom utdelat.
From left: Jonn Are Myhren, Santiago Valencia and Ronny Tenggren Linnea Hinz

— Of this year’s graduates from the Master’s Programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment, approximately 70 percent have already secured employment. Our students are driven and successful. Santiago is one such successful graduate student, says Jonn Are Myhren, head of the master programme at Dalarna University. 

Each year since 2019, a student from the Master’s Programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment has been awarded a scholarship for their thesis that are of high quality.

This year, the scholarship went to Santiago for his thesis “Life-cycle assessment of the walls in a multifamily building property in Falun”, which was written on behalf of Kopparstaden AB. The scholarship of SEK 5 000 was awarded to Santiago by consultancy company Intec AB.

Congratulations, Santiago! Can you tell us about your time as a student at Dalarna University?

— Thank you! The main thing I liked about the programme was its connection to industry. It is very different from what I am used to. In my home country, Colombia, I believe the academic and industrial worlds are apart, but here they are very close. I found that very interesting because we get the chance to do good things in “reality”. Also, I found the teachers to be very good and professional.

“My goal is to help fight global warming”

What is your vision for the future?

— My personal goal is to help fight global warming by attracting investors because I believe fighting global warming requires large investments. I see a lot of things that can be done, and we need to convince a lot of people. We should all pursue sustainability simply because it’s good, but not everyone buys into that. So I think that a good way to impact people is to show them that energy-efficient solutions are profitable.

What is your current job status?

— I have a project employment at the property management company Kopparstaden for six months. I wrote my thesis in collaboration with them, where I analysed the structure of the walls of their buildings with the aim of reducing their climate footprint. The results of the study were very useful for them, so they wanted me to continue my work.

Jonn Are Myhren is director of the programme at Dalarna University. 

How would you describe the labour market for graduates from the Master’s Programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment?

— Around 10 to 15 students will be graduating from the programme this summer, the majority of them international students. Around 70 percent of the graduates have already found good jobs – many of them at Northvolt. Other employers are, to name just a few, Hitachi, Tyrens and regional municipalities. In addition, four graduates from the programme have been admitted as doctoral students in recent years. We're really doing a lot to make the construction industry more sustainable, says Jonn Are Myhren.

Dalarna University wishes its graduates the very best of luck and looks forward to welcoming all new students in the autumn.

The Master’s Programme in Energy Efficient Built Environment will remain open for applications until 1 September 2022.

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