A Day of Pride and Hope for the Future: Leaving Ceremony at Dalarna University

On Friday, close to 900 students completed their studies at Dalarna University. With music, inspirational speeches, and the awarding of diplomas, the annual ceremony marked a milestone in their lives and opened the door to a bright future.
Person stands on a stage infront of the audience.
Student Union Chairperson Johanna Strickert addresses the audience: three years earlier, she had welcomed many of the students at the start of their studies. Erik Bäckwall

Students gathered with their nearest and dearest to celebrate the completion of their studies at Dalarna University. Acting Vice-Chancellor Jörgen Elbe opened the ceremony with an inspiring speech that praised the students for their hard work and dedication.

"Through your education, you have learnt to see things in new ways, sometimes in many different ways. You have learnt to question and to take nothing for granted; you have learnt to separate opinion from fact. Continue to question, to ponder, and to look at the knowledge presented to you from every angle. Constructive and critical thinking and the willingness to learn are some of the most important skills you will carry with you throughout life," said Jörgen Elbe.

Person in suit.
Acting Vice-Chancellor Jörgen Elbe Erik Bäckwall

Here they come, Job Market – the talents of tomorrow!

Former students also spoke at the ceremony. One of them, Fartun Ahmed Nuur, shared her experiences and encouraged the new graduates to remain curious and never to stop learning. She emphasised the importance of support from loved ones and urged students to embrace future challenges with courage.

"You have all shown perseverance, dedication, and determination to succeed, and it is precisely that attitude that has brought you here today. So today, as you take the first step into the world as new graduates, let us celebrate you and your accomplishments. I want to invite you all to embrace the unknown with courage and confidence," said Fartun Ahmed Nuur, who is now an entrepreneur.

Person at a podium.
Fartun Ahmed Nuur, entrepreneur and former Dalarna University student Erik Bäckwall

Siri Ellberg, who previously took the Human Resource Management Programme at Dalarna University, also delivered an inspiring speech to the students:

"Today is not just about celebrating your achievements: it is also about celebrating community, cohesion, and a collective commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding," said Siri Ellberg, Deputy HR Director at Region Dalarna.

Person at a podium.
Siri Ellberg, former student and Deputy HR Director at Region Dalarna. Erik Bäckwall

Students look back on their time at Dalarna University

Two new graduates, Moa Pettersson and David Rönnegård, shared their thoughts on what the day and their time at the University mean for them.

Moa Pettersson, a graduate of the Construction and Urban Planning Programme, said:

"The best part of my time as a student has been the friends I have made along the way. Not just from my class but many from other programmes that I am incredibly grateful to call close friends. I chose to study at Dalarna University because the Construction and Urban Planning Programme was the perfect match for what I wanted to pursue. Now, after graduation, I’ll continue my search for a job in urban planning."

Woman smiling.
Moa Pettersson, graduate of the Construction and Urban Planning Programme. Malin Kull

David Rönnegård, a new graduate from the Teacher Education Programme, said:

"The placement component was undoubtedly the best part of my studies! I learn best by testing and trying out what I’m attempting to learn. What’s more, I had an amazing supervisor who taught me so much. Now I want to try to become a teacher who means something to others, especially pupils who have a tough time in school."

Person in suit in front of people hugging.
David has studied to become a primary school teacher. Erik Bäckvall

David and Moa are now ready to start their careers. David shares his feelings about the future:

"It's really exciting but also a bit scary. Above all, it’ll be nice to have a break from studies over the summer. There’s been a fair bit of reading to do over the past four years. Now, I’ll be working at the school where I did my placement until summer vacation and then I start working as a teacher in my home municipality in the autumn."

Best wishes and hope for the future

Principal Jörgen Elbe concluded the ceremony by wishing everyone good luck and reminding them that Dalarna University will always be a place they can return to further for study or collaboration.

"You are always welcome back – to further your studies, to be a guest lecturer, to teach, or to work with us on a project," said Jörgen Elbe. "Be proud of what you have achieved and be sure to celebrate this day in style! The very best of luck to you all!"

The ceremony ended with a social gathering at Campus Falun, where students, friends, and family continued celebrations. With the challenges of the future in sight, Dalarna University is proud to have educated a new generation of professionals ready to lead the way forward and contribute to their respective fields.

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