Instructions for External Experts

External experts have an important role to play in the process of recruiting university teaching staff. On this webpage, you can find information about what is required of an external expert as well as useful forms and policy documents.

Along with interviews, reference checks, teaching reviews and other such selection methods, your expert assessment of applicants constitutes the basis for the qualitative overall assessment on which decisions are based.

Your task is to establish the eligibility of applicants and to assess their level of research, artistic and/or teaching expertise using the assessment criteria as stated in the advertisement for the teaching post. As expert, you must formulate your report on your own: that is to say, collaboration with other experts is not permitted.

If an applicant is clearly unqualified for the position, then you will not receive remuneration.

Expert Report - Structure

Description of the Applicants

Provide a brief description of each applicant. The description does not need to contain a detailed summary or a detailed description of individual texts. One page per applicant is sufficient.

Assessment of the Applicants

Provide an assessment of those applicants who are considered to be qualified for the position. The assessment must be based on both the document titled “Appointment Procedures for Teachers at Dalarna University” and the advertisement text for the post in question. In this part of your report, it is important that your assessment of applicants is based on the requirements for the post. For each applicant, the assessment should be categorised as follows:

  • Research/artistic expertise
  • Teaching expertise
  • Other credentials of importance for the position that can be determined from the application documents
  • Ranking of applicants

Ranking is as follows:

  1. Qualified, good match (Behörig, god matchning)
  2. Qualified (Behörig)
  3. Not qualified (Ej behörig)

Application Procedure

Dalarna University publishes its job advertisements in the recruitment system called ReachMee. It is here that applicants submit their applications. Applicants are able to complement their application with non-electronic documentation. Any such documentation will be sent to you, the external expert.

You will receive a username and password by email: log into ReachMee

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