Personlig presentation av Beatrice Waleghwa

Doktorand Turismvetenskap, Turismvetenskap

I am a doctoral student in tourism studies. I have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management from Kenyatta University, Kenya. My master’s degree is in tourism and sustainability from Linnaeus University, Sweden.

My main research interests include tourism, transportation, sustainability,  destination development, planning, spatial analysis, wildlife, national parks, and citizen-science.
My current research is about understanding and finding solutions to transportation challenges in order to develop tourism sustainably at destinations in rural areas. I mainly use interviews and Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) methods in my current research. 

I research at Center for Tourism and Leisure Research (CeTLeR), Dalarna University.  

I am currently involved in two projects at CeTLeR:
a) EU Interreg Mobility and Accessibility in Rural Areas (MARA) 
b) Micro-based decision support for sustainable tourism and infrastructure planning (MIRANDA)

I am doing my doctoral studies in collaboration with the department of tourism at Mid-Sweden University