Kerstin Erlandsson

Personlig presentation av Kerstin Erlandsson

Univ lektor Sexuell, reproduktiv och perintal hälsa, Omvårdnad
Program manager GSRH master's program, the midwifery education, head of the subject SRHR at DU, provides courses for leaders in African countries, researcher
Docent, Omvårdnad

Kerstin Erlandsson, midwife, PHCN, associate professor, PhD in medicine has more than 10 years’ experience of working in low-resource settings. This has provided her with a broad experience in SRHR. Together with colleges at DU, Kerstin has capacity built 200 midwifery faculty from Africa and Asia with courses leading to a master’s degree in SRHR. In Bangladesh she has been involved in simulation based and mentorship programs. Together with the Bangladeshi government and international colleges, she has developed an accreditation assessment tool, a bachelor curriculum, a Massive Online Open course. WHO has published the work as a good example of establishing a midwifery workforce (Regional Strategic Directions for Strengthening Midwifery in South East Asia Region 2020 – 2024: WHO 2020. P. 15 Box 8). Being head of the subject SRHR at Dalarna University she is a member of the International Board of the Swedish Association of Midwives. She is engaged in courses for leaders at government position, at educational institutions and in clinical settings in eight African countries. Moreover, engaged in a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded feasibility assessment in 8 African Countries. She is a senior lecturer and examiner and part of a capacity building of a PhD program in Ethiopia, and main and co-supervisor for PhD students from the African continent.