Katherina Dodou

Katherina Dodou

Docent engelska, Engelska
Univ lektor engelska, Engelska
Fil dr, Engelska

My research focuses on two related fields: first, contemporary fiction, especially the Anglo-American novel from 1970 to the present, and the understanding of the novel as social discourse. My main focus has been on questions of cultural identity, nationhood and the social role of the novel. In my current project, funded by the research profile Intercultural Studies at Dalarna University, I examine the novelistic treatment of Western self-perception and civic life in fiction which thematises the 11 September 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

My second field concerns higher education, specifically the teaching and learning of literature. I am particularly interested in the premises for literary studies in academic language departments and what those mean for  educational organisation, teaching practice and academic professional identity. My current research, which is funded by the research profile Education and Learning at Dalarna University, focuses on the identity of the English subject in Sweden (ämnesidentitet) and the teaching of disciplinary thinking.

I am the current chair of the English department and chair of the Faculty Board Humanities and Languages (ONHUS).

In 2017, I was awarded the distinction Scholar of Teaching (Excellent lärare).