Tobias Heldt

Personlig presentation av Tobias Heldt

Univ lektor nationalekonomi, Turismvetenskap
Docent Turismvetenskap, Turismvetenskap

I am an Associate professor of Tourism and a researcher at Center for Tourism and Leisure Research. I received my Ph.D from Uppsala University in 2005 with a thesis titled Sustainable Nature Tourism and the Nature of Tourists’ Cooperative Behavior: Recreation ConflictsI have published articles in well renowned journals such as Ecological Economics, Scandinavian Journal of TourismCurrent Issues in TourismForest Science, and Transportation Research.

My main research interests lie in tourism, transport and behavioural economics as well as event studies. I am currently involved in projects on Mobility and accessibility in rural areas (MARA-mobility), Micro-based tools to analyze tourism and infrastructure investments, (MIRANDA) and Innovative business models to fund recreational infrastructure (INNAture). Previous projects include Socio-economic impact of trotting in Sweden, BI-models for socio-economic analysis of the horse industry in Sweden ( and Economic effects of bicycle tourism.