Health and Politics

Our Master's Programmes in Democracy, Citizenship and Change and in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health differ greatly in content and theme, yet both aim to provide a deeper understanding of important challenges facing the modern world in relation to such issues as equality, politics and health.

Focus on Global Issues for a Global Understanding

Our world is a complex union of countries and beliefs, of peoples and political systems, of balance and imbalance in rights and equality. To address these subjects, we offer two distinctive programmes that examine the global issues that affect our lives, be it either directly or indirectly.

With our Master’s Programme in Democracy, Citizenship and Change, you will examine concepts of state, nation, citizenship, democracy and political culture. You will learn how to understand the world you live in as it increases in complexity. Further, you will develop skills in methodology with a focus on political science. 

Our Master’s Programme in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health aims to combat gender inequality and to improve maternal, child and adolescent health in settings where resources are limited. You will gain a global perspective on the state of people’s sexual and reproductive health while learning how to implement evidence-based strategies. 


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