Spanish III Focus on Literature: Bachelor Degree Thesis

15 Credits
First Cycle Level 2
School of Language, Literatures and Learning
Subject field
Spanish (SPA)
Group of Subjects
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
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Progression indicator within (each) main field of study
Approved, 12 February 2018.
This syllabus is valid from 12 February 2018.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an ability to independently search for, collect, evaluate, critically interpret and analyze relevant information in relation to a certain problem
  • within given deadlines carry out an independent literature study, with requirements for scholarly value, connections to current research, relevant methodology applied to the theoretical context and an argumentation that rests on a thoroughly conducted textual analysis
  • present and argue in both oral and written form their own results with high demands of linguistic communication skills
  • analyze, evaluate and discuss others‘ scientific works by pointing out the merits as well as the shortcomings in the form of clear constructive feedback.

Course Content

The course starts with a description of the process of literary research, including choice of topic, research question, methodology or theoretical approach, searching for secondary sources, outline and the craft of academic writing. The supervisor is appointed according to the orientation of the thesis and the specific subject is chosen in consultation with him/her. The student will, within the course deadlines, write a literary study of scholarly value, of approximately 5000-6000 words of a well-defined and relevant topic related to literature in Spanish. The study should be directly connected to a field within literature and be based on knowledge of scientific method and experience from previous literary studies. The thesis will be defended at a public seminar.


The course is examined through an independently written thesis of approximately 5000-6000 words. The study will be defended and discussed at a thesis defense seminar, where the student will also critique the works of other students. The student’s ability to give and take constructive criticism during the work-in-progress will also be evaluated. Participation in the net-based seminars is obligatory.

Forms of Study

Teaching consists of lectures and seminars in which the students are expected to participate actively. The course also includes individual tutoring for the writing of the thesis. Instruction is in Spanish.


The Swedish grades U–VG.


  • Spanish II, 30 credits at First cycle, with at least 22.5 credits passed at time of registration, including the course Spanish II: Written Language Proficiency and Grammar, 6 credits

Other Information

Replaces SP2011.