French II: Introduction to Linguistics and Academic Writing

7.5 Credits
First Cycle
School of Language, Literatures and Learning
Subject field
French (FRA)
Group of Subjects
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
This course can be included in the following main field(s) of study
Progression indicator within (each) main field of study
Approved, 07 March 2019.
This syllabus is valid from 07 March 2019.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, students shall be able to:
  • describe the main characteristics of linguistics history, in particular French linguistics
  • describe fundamental concepts within the field of linguistics and specifically French linguistics
  • describe some aspects of linguistic theories, methods and materials
  • in French write a shorter academic text according to established academic conventions
  • demonstrate good linguistic competence in French both orally and in writing
  • demonstrate the ability to critically use relevant knowledge sources.

Course Content

The course gives an introduction to both general linguistics and French linguistics. The course also gives an introduction to scientific writing in French. The students write a shorter academic text in French and will critically review the text of another student.


Continuous examination through assessment of active participation in seminars, and written assignments. The course concludes with a written examination and a shorter academic text.

Forms of Study

Teaching is in the form of both lectures and obligatory seminars in which students shall participate actively. Instruction is in French.


The Swedish grades U–VG.

To achieve the grade of VG for the whole course, VG is required in both modules.

Reporting of grades:
Module 1: Concepts and theories in linguistics - 3.5 cr
Module 2: Academic writing - 4 cr


  • French Written Proficiency I, 7.5 credits, French Oral Proficiency, 7.5 credits, French Literature I: From 1900 to the Present Day, 7.5 credits and French: Culture and Society I, 7.5 credits, first cycle. No knowledge of Swedish is required.

Other Information

Replaces GFR26T, GFR249 and GFR248.