English Corpus Linguistics

7.5 ECTS-credits
First Cycle Level 2
School of Language, Literatures and Learning
Subject field
English (ENA)
Group of Subjects
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
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Approved by the Faculty School of Language, Literatures and Learning, 08 March 2013.
This syllabus is valid from 08 March 2013.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • apply core corpus linguistic methods for linguistic research
  • show a raised awareness of how language is used lexically, semantically, grammatically, and pragmatically in authentic communicative contexts
  • show a deeper understanding of variation in the English language, based on variables such as register and spoken/written modes
  • critically evaluate prescriptive language norms from the perspective of usage data
  • account for the main concepts and fundamental ideas in corpus linguistics
  • design and carry out a small-scale research project based on corpus linguistics methods and present it orally and in writing.

Course Content

In this course, students will practise testing hypotheses about language with real data and, by means of computer-based tools, study how language is actually used. The course offers an introduction to empirical approaches to the study of language, specifically those developed within corpus linguistics. The topics examined will be relevant to areas such as lexicography and semantics; pragmatics and discourse; translation studies; and variation studies. We will examine variation and change across registers, dialects and modes, and evaluate linguistic norms from the perspective of usage data. Students will gain practical experience in using corpora and software for data analysis and for solving their own language queries.


The course is examined through continuous assessment of seminar participation and written assignments. The course includes individual work on a small research project, presented both orally at a Mini-conference and in writing through a term paper.

Forms of Study

The course is taught in the form of lectures, seminars, group work and self-study. All teaching is conducted in English.


The Swedish grades U–VG.


  • 60 credits in English within the first cycle, of which at least 7,5 credits in English linguistics