Doctoral Course FVV222H

General Principles of Scientific Work: Introductory Course

7.5  Credits
Third Cycle

The course has no instances planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course, the doctoral student shall be able to:
Knowledge and understanding:

  • demonstrate familiarity with central concepts in philosophy of science and different theories in philosophy of science
  • explain the epistemological and philosophical basis for methodological choices made in the students chosen PhD research project
  • demonstrate familiarity with open science

Skills and abilities

  •  construct a consistent search strategy for a specific aim
  • construct a data management plan

Judgement and approach

  • assess isues related to research ethics in various study designs and relate to Swedish laws, regulations and guidelines concerning research ethics and the integrity of the researcher
  • elaborate on the ethical responsibility of the researcher and ethical aspects in relation to chosen planned thesis including the perspective of data management and associated laws and regulations