Doctoral Course FMI2224

Statistical and Machine Learning

10  Credits
Third Cycle

Starts week 13, 2024

Upon completion of the course, the PhD-student shall be able to:

• Select a suitable statistical models, and methods for a data analysis problem in the real world based on reasoned argument, especially when the underlying data generating mechanism is unknown.
• Apply various supervised and unsupervised statistical learning algorithms in a range of real world problems.
• Evaluate and optimise the performances of the learning models and algorithms, and communicate the expected accuracy of the model/algorithm.
• Combine several models to achieve higher predictive accuracy.
• Apply Neural Networks to real world problem solving.
• Conduct comparative analysis, both theoretical and empirical, in order to
 decide which Neural Network is most suitable for a particular task.
• Design different kinds of Neural Network, evaluate their performance, and
 use them to solve complex problems.
• Apply deep learning to real world problems.

Starts and ends:
week 13, 2024 - week 44, 2024
Study Rate:
Time of Day:
Teaching form:
Entry Qualifications :
  • Degree of Master 60 credits in Microdata Analysis
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Ilias Thomas