Doctoral Course FHV0002

Systematic Review, Meta-Synthesis and Meta-Analysis

7.5  Credits
Third Cycle

Starts week 46, 2024

The overarching aim is to provide knowledge on the methodologies and appraisal of quantitative, qualitative and integrative systematic reviews. 

On course completion, the doctoral student should be able to:
Knowledge and Understanding
• demonstrate knowledge and understanding in conducting a systematic review
• demonstrate familiarity with systematic review methodology which includes quality appraisal, synthesizing data from quantitative and qualitative scientific literature and assessment of review findings.  

Competence and Skills
• demonstrate the capacity to formulate a research aim and research question(s) suitable for a systematic review
• demonstrate the ability to construct a relevant search strategy for an intended research aim
• demonstrate skills in writing and defending a study protocol for a systematic review

Judgement and Approach
• demonstrate insight into the possibilities, challenges and limitations of systematic reviews and how they can be used to inform clinical practice, policy and future research
• demonstrate critical awareness of how to conduct, appraise and interpret findings from  systematic reviews.

Starts and ends:
week 46, 2024 - week 3, 2025
Study Rate:
Flexible (Falun)
Time of Day:
Teaching form:
Entry Qualifications :
  • Eligible students are those who fulfil the general requirements for PhD studies. Students must be familiar with the basics of qualitative and quantitative research before joining the course.
Application Code:
Online Education
Computer Skills:

Surf on the Internet, read and send emails, make use of a word-processing programme (e.g. Word).

Computer Capacity:

Access to a computer (Not a mini pc, tablet or similar) with broadband connection, at least 0.5 Mbit/s both directions.

Means of Education:

Various communication, e.g. e-mail, and use of basic functions in our learning platform (Learn), such as finding information and being able to submit files.

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