Doctoral Course FEB222L

Energy and resource use in the built environment, part 1

5  Credits
Third Cycle

The course has no instances planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

After completing the course, the doctoral student should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding
• Demonstrate a deep understanding of energy systems as infrastructure in the built environment, partly as a technical system and partly linked to key concepts such as sustainability, resilience, resource efficiency and environmental impact.
• Demonstrate a deep understanding of what the built environment‘s energy and material flows look like  and affect the environment and how these flows can be changed to reduce the environmental impact and health.
• Discuss and describe a research question in a broader system perspective.
• Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of methodology for energy system analyzes from a resource use perspective.

Skills and abilities
• Demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate issues that contribute to increased knowledge about the built environment‘s energy system and their resource and environmental impact.

Judgement and approach
• Demonstrate insight into how research on resource-efficient built environment contributes to sustainable development.