Privacy Policy for Electronic Identity

Description of the service: Electronic Identity

This service is aimed at prospective and current students as well as employees at Dalarna University. The purpose is to enable the collection and management of an electronic identity, also called a user account.

The service is sometimes also referred to as

Handling of personal data

Transfer of personal data

Personal data transferred from your identity provider (e.g. eduID or is used to confirm your identity when collecting or managing your electronic identity at Dalarna University.

In connection with logging in to this service, the following personal data is requested from the identity provider you are using:

Personal data Purpose Technical representation
Personal identity number To uniquely identify the person norEduPersonNIN
First name First name of person to whom the established identity belongs givenName
Last name Last name of person to whom the established identity belongs sn
Assurance level Ensure that sufficient identification has been made at the identity provider eduPersonAssurance

In addition to direct personal data, indirect personal data such as which identity provider has been used for login is also transferred. This information is linked to the identity for troubleshooting purposes.

Other processing of personal data in the service

The service saves technical logs for troubleshooting and security-related incidents. These logs contain information about all logins made including transferred personal data.

Students: To verify that you are a student at Dalarna University, additional information is retrieved from the study administration systems Ladok and NyA.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

No personal data is transferred to third parties.

Lawful basis

Personal information is processed within the framework of public interest. The personal identity number is necessary in order to identify the individual.

Right to access, rectification and deletion of personal data

For extracts and deletion of your personal data, contact the personal data controller.

Rectification of personal data transmitted at the moment of login must be made at the identity provider used to log in. Correction of personal data linked to the electronic identity at Dalarna University is made in the study administration system Ladok. For staff, contact the Helpdesk.

Personal data connected to your electronic identity are removed when the identity is removed. See User Account Removal for more information.

Personal data controller

The personal data controller for the processing of personal data is Dalarna University. For more information, please visit Personal data protection -

GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct

This service complies with the international framework Géant Data Protection Code of Conduct for the transfer of personal data from identity providers to the service. This framework is intended for services in Sweden, the EU and the EEA that are used in research and higher education.

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