User Account Removal

When you're no longer actively studying with us, your user account (i.e. electronic identity) will be deactivated and removed from the system. Here you will find information of about this process.

The removal process

Under normal circumstanses your user account remains active for 12 months after the last day of studies. After that, the user administration system will automatically start the removal process. This starts with an email being sent to your university email address (the one starting with your username and ending with

At the same time, a warning will begin to display on the student web. The warning will remain until the account is removed (i.e. you will no longer be able to log in) or until the removal process is canceled.

Can the removal process be canceled?

Yes, by applying or registering for a course. In special cases, a programme/course coordinator can grant an exception.

What will be removed?

All data associated with your user account will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All your email in Office 365
  • All your files and documents stored in your home folder and in your www folder
  • All your files and documents in Office 365 OneDrive
  • Your credentials, i.e. your password associated with your user account - which means that you will no longer be able to login to any electronic resource provided by the university, e.g. Canvas, Zoom, Office365 etc

Downloaded Microsoft Office software

If you have downloaded Microsoft Office software through the Office portal (, when logged in with your university user account, this license will be revoked. This means that you need to purchase a license from Microsoft in order to continue using these programs. This applies to both Windows and MacOS software. Office apps for iOS and Android will also stop working since they no longer will be able to connect to your school account.

Credits awarded and study certificates

On you can find information about your education and also order various certificates. Normally you log in using your university user account. After the account has been removed, this is no longer possible. Instead, you can create an identity on and use those credentials to log in to the Ladok portal. Where you normally select "Dalarna University" to identity yourself, search for "eduID" instead. Then proceed to log in using the credentials you received from them.

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