Research Project: EASYLIFE: Efficient Adjustable SupplY in Local chaIns of Food for consumErs

Project leader
Johan Håkansson
Project Members
Madelen Lagin
Carin Nordström
Roger G Nyberg
Vijay Paidi, Dalarna University
Project Period
Project Status
The goal of the project is increased customer benefit with more accessible locally produced food in Sweden and a more developed labor market in rural areas. This is achieved by integrating project the technical solution from SAILOR ((Smart lAst mILe cOmmeRce) with a business model for home deliveries of locally produced food to the end customer identified in the project "Entrepreneurship - development of a vibrant rural area". EASYLIFE, will contribute to and support the flexible and efficient retail of locally produced food. EASYLIFE is implemented and tested in collaboration with an entrepreneur in locally produced food and retailing. The market potential is analyzed in other rural contexts.

EASYLIFE is expected to results in increased distribution efficiency that can be measured in terms of cost reduction per unit delivered and to sales that are more attractive offers influencing growth in sales among the existing local producing companies.

EASYLIFE will increase customer benefit through increased physical availability to delivery points and improved time availability by shrinking time windows between order and delivery. The project will increase customer benefit by increasing the range of food products offered. It will lead to increased perceived customer benefit and make e-commerce of food an alternative for more consumers.

EASYLIFE increases the potential for efficient e-commerce of food, which lowers the distribution threshold and leads to greater opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the borderland between locally produced food and retailing.

A more efficient distribution to end customers will also have positive environmental effects, due to reduced CO2 emissions from transport.

An evaluation of EASYLIFE's general validity will be done in the project. It is expected to generate in-depth knowledge of critical factors that are of importance to rural entrepreneurship.
e-handel, hemleveranser, mat, affärsmodeller, landsbygd, e-taling. last -mile delivery, grocery, business model, rural
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