Research Project: Learning for sustainability in preschool: Teachers' views and practices of sustainability

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Farhana Borg
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This project is funded by the Pedagogiskt Utvecklingscentrum Dalarna (PUD) and consists of a school development and a research part. The project's goal is to co-create knowledge to develop the preschool's pedagogical activities about sustainability. It is a collaborative project between the municipality and the PUD at Dalarna University. The project period was the years 2017-2019.

The project includes 18 preschools with 140 preschool teachers in a municipality in Sweden. The project provides the preschool teachers the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge about learning for sustainability in relation to environmental, social and economic aspects. The project creates increased opportunities to reflect on their activities in a critical way and become more aware of their role in children's learning for sustainability. They also get the opportunity to learn and talk about how sustainability can be integrated into preschool subject areas. The project aims to develop and disseminate knowledge about learning for sustainability in preschool
eko-certifering, förskola, förskollärare, hållbar utveckling, skolutveckling, eco-certified, preschool, preschool teacher, sustainable development, school development
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Skolforskningsfonden, PUD, Högskolan Dalarna