Research Project: A Simplified Language on the Internet?

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Jonathan White
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When people communicate via the Internet their language is greatly affected, not least in English which is still the biggest language on the Internet. Even if you communicate in writing via textchat, it is expected to be efficient. Strategies to achieve this are the main theme of this project. Many such strategies have been identified, such as words or phrases which have been reduced or deleted, and it is these reductions that will be analysed in this project. But the contexts where you can reduced words or phrases and how Internet users decide to reduce certain words and phrases in a certain way have not been researched before. Some importatn questions that will be taken up are: why can certain words and phrases be reduced and in which contexts can this take place? Is there a difference between topics for discussion that are more or less formal? Will users change how they reduce words and phrases when they become more experienced Internet users? How is it decided that a particular reduced word can be used and who decided?
engelska, Internät, reducering, English, Internet, reduction
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Intercultural Studies
Högskolan Dalarna