Personlig presentation av Jingchun Shen

Senior Lecturer Construction Technology, (Leave of Absence) Construction Technology
Shen is a building scientist, mechanical engineer, topic editor of the Editorial Board of Buildings, and an Accredited Professional in advancing health and well-being in buildings in Sweden

She is a building researcher, mechanical engineer, WELL AP in Sweden and serves Topic Editor of Editorial Board of Buildings, and a reviewer board member of MDPI group (Applied Sciences, Sustainability, Energies)., and passionate about: 1) Future climate adaptation / resilient building design, 2) Building-integrated solar technology, 3) City and building cluster simulation, 4) Digital twin technology application , and 5) Health indoor environmental quality. 

She participates in course development within Energy Efficient Building (7.5hp, BY3001 ), Energy Performance of Building Simulation & Analysis (IDA ICE software , 5 hp, ABY22W ), Solar Thermal ( 7.5hp, EG 3007 ), Sustainable Green Building Rating System ( 2.5hp , BY3004 ), BIM in the construction process ( 5hp, GBY2GC ), and Energy project ( 7.5hp, BY2022 ).

She pairs the creation of these educational and academic offerings with the commitment to continuous improvement of building-design technology to enable students to create sustainable design and novel research.