Carmen Zamorano Llena

Personlig presentation av Carmen Zamorano Llena

Professor English, English

Carmen Zamorano Llena is Professor of English (literature) and was previously lecturer in English at the University of Lleida, Spain (1999-2008). She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Lleida, Spain, an MA in Translation from the University of Westminster, UK, and her PhD in English from the University of Barcelona, Spain. She has published on contemporary Irish and British poetry and fiction, particularly focusing on aspects relating to post- and transnational identity, migration and ageing.

She is author of the monograph Fictions of Migration in Contemporary Britain and Ireland (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) and co-editor of several collections of essays, including The Aesthetics of Ageing: Critical Approaches to Literary Representations of the Ageing Process (Publicacions de Lleida, 2002), Urban and Rural Landscapes: Language, Literature and Culture in Modern Ireland (Peter Lang, 2011), Transcultural Identities in Contemporary Literature (Rodopi, 2013), and Authority and Wisdom in the New Ireland: Studies in Literature and Culture (Peter Lang, 2016). She is also co-editor of the Nordic Irish Studies journal and co-editor of Cultural Identity Studies series with Peter Lang.

She has been the recipient of external funding for a number of research projects, both as main applicant and as a participant researcher, for projects on postnational identities in contemporary Irish poetry (AGAUR, Spain), migration and literature (Swedish Research Council), as well as literary and cultural gerontology (Spanish Ministry of Science and Competitiveness, FP7 EU). 

Her current research projects include analyses of ageing, quality of life and creativity (Spanish Ministry of Science and Competitiveness, led by Prof. Fidel Molina and Dr. Núria Casado, University of Lleida, Spain), literatures of migration in contemporary Britain and Ireland within the context of the workshop series on Temporalities and Subjectivies of Crossing (NOS-HS workshop series, main applicant: Prof. Johan Schimanski, University of Oslo, Norway), as well as literatures of migration and transcultural approaches to Muslim writing in Europe in collaboration with colleagues from the English, French and Spanish departments at Dalarna University.

Since 1998 she has taught courses in literature in English at undergraduate and graduate levels. Regarding thesis supervision, Dr. Zamorano Llena has supervised BA and MA theses in literature in English on a wide range of themes and theoretical perspectives, including postcolonial analyses, as well as feminist, postmodern, transcultural and ecocritical readings of classic and contemporary writers. She is currently the main supervisor of a PhD thesis on the work of Canadian poet Lorna Crozier.