Doctoral Defence: Tina Lidberg

Tina Lidberg from the University of Gävle will defend her dissertation in energy systems: ”Building Energy Efficiency Measures in District Heating Systems”.

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Date: , kl 13:00
Location: Room 322 at Campus Borlänge och digital via Zoom

Tina is a business phd-student at the companies Stora Tunabyggen and Borlänge Energi. Her research is based in the business research school Reesbe. 

Download the dissertation: Building Energy Efficiency Measures in District Heating Systems 


Erik Dahlquist, Mälardalens högskola

Grading committee

Adjunk professor Erik Dotzauer, Stockholm Exergi AB
Professor Viktoria Martin, KTH
Professor Sven Werner, Högskolan i Halmstad
Professor Mats Rönnelid (reserv), Högskolan Dalarna


Proffessor Louise Ödlund, Högskolan i Gävle
Proffessor Thomas Olofsson, Umeå universitet

Attend in Borlänge or via Zoom

You are welcome to attend in Borlänge or digital via Zoom. The number of participants in the room will be limited due to the corona virus. If you wish to attent, please register by sending an email to Annette Lenne no later than 1 november 2020.

Register to ale@du.se

Attend via Zoom

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