Spanish III Focus on Literature: Spanish Literature, from the Golden Age to Realism

7.5 Credits
First Cycle Level 2
School of Language, Literatures and Learning
Subject field
Spanish (SPA)
Group of Subjects
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
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Approved, 12 February 2018.
This syllabus is valid from 12 February 2018.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • reflect upon, evaluate and critically examine research articles and text interpretations, and to give an account of the contents of the articles and their individual reflections, both orally and in written form, with argumentative clarity and precision
  • analyze Spanish classical literature from both an historical and a literary perspective
  • relate the literary work to their respective aesthetic, socio-cultural and political contexts as well as demonstrate both the characteristic features of, and deviations from, the literary practice of the era.

Course Content

The course focuses on the Spanish Literature from the Golden Age to Realism. Emphasis is placed on literary analysis in connection to the socio-political and cultural conditions. The above-mentioned period of Spanish literary history is explored through a selection of texts in various genres with a focus on distinctive aesthetic features. In relation to these texts relevant literary criticism and literary history will also be studied.


The course is examined by evaluating a number of individual assignments as well as a continuous assessment of the seminars.

Forms of Study

Teaching consists of lectures as well as seminars and forums in which the students are expected to participate actively. Tuition is in Spanish.


The Swedish grades U–VG.


  • Spanish II, 30 credits at First cycle, with at least 22.5 credits passed at time of registration, including the course Spanish II: Written Language Proficiency and Grammar, 6 credits

Other Information

Replaces SP2013.