African Studies: Theory and Method

16 Credits
Second Cycle Level 2
School of Culture and Society
Subject field
African Studies (UVX)
Group of Subjects
Other Interdisciplinary Studies
Disciplinary Domain
Humanities, 100%
This course can be included in the following main field(s) of study
African Studies1
Progression indicator within (each) main field of study
Approved, 03 May 2016.
This syllabus is valid from 03 May 2016.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the student shall be able to:
  • demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in terms of the identity of African Studies as a discipline in relation to the theories and history of science within relevant fields of the humanities and the social and educational sciences
  • demonstrate a high degree of proficiency regarding methods and theories
  • independently and critically relate to a multitude of theories and methods.

Course Content

This course deals with different perspectives of the theories and history of science within the humanities, and the social and educational sciences with relevance for African Studies. The course consists of two parts. In the part Theory of Science, classical Western theory of science is studied in relation to theories of science inspired by post-colonial perspectives. In the part Method, a number of doctoral theses with various disciplinary, thematic and methodological approaches are studied.


The course is examined by written papers and oral presentations.

Forms of Study

This course normally consists of seminars. Depending on the number of students enrolled, the course can be taught as an independent study course. All teaching is conducted in English.


The Swedish grades A–F.

Reporting of grades:
Module 1: Theory of science - 8 cr
Module 2: Method - 8 cr


  • Bachelor degree 180 credits and the courses African Studies: Dynamics of African Societies 12 credits, African Studies: Religion and Politics in African Societies 9 credits, African Studies: Education and Change in African Societies 8 credits, African Studies: Developing the Research Proposal 1 credit, and African Studies: Elaborate Research Plan 1 credit