Course GMP29H

Powder Metallurgy with Additive Manufacturing

7.5 Credits
First Cycle

Main field of study: Materials Technology

The course has no instances planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

Uponcompletion of the course, students shall be able to:
  • explain key concepts and terminology in powder metallurgy,
  • describe and explain powder production, compaction, sintering and surface treatment of the powder metallurgical components,
  • describe the relationship between the microstructure and mechanical properties of powder metallurgy components,
  • describe various metal additive manufacturing technologies and their operating principles, capabilities and limitations,
  • demonstrate knowledge of various materials that can be used with different additive manufacturing processes, process parameters and post processing of additive manufactured parts,
  • identify various applications of additive manufacturing in industries such as aerospace, automobile and medical industries,
  • produce simple powder metallurgy components by choosing the right materials,
  • characterize and analyse the raw materials and finished product,
  • prepare and use simple CAD models for additive manufacturing, and
  • analyse the pros and cons of using additive manufacturing technology over conventional manufacturing techniques.