Course GFÖ2FG

Communication in an Intercultural Business Environment

7.5 Credits
First Cycle

Main field of study:

The course has no offerings planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Define and explain issues regarding cultural identity, cultural bias and cultural differences which can affect oral and written communication in intercultural business environments
  • Explain and apply verbal and non verbal language and cultural aspects of communication which can affect work with intercultural groups, customers and colleagues
  • Create intercultural presentations and texts taking into account audience, reader, structure and clarity
  • Analyse and critically evaluate barriers to effective intercultural oral (both face to face and online) and written communication, and develop strategies to deal with these barriers
  • Demonstrate fundamental skills in intercultural oral discussions and business style meetings by communicating clearly and effectively: i.e., be able to better analyse a communication situation and adapt their communication style and form as required by the situation
  • Demonstrate practical skills in presentation technique in the form of both formal and semi formal presentations which are made suitable for diverse audiences
  • Write clear, concise and correct business related texts taking into consideration intercultural aspects such as writing style, diverse readership, and formality