Course EN1114

Introduction to English Linguistics

15 Credits
First Cycle

Starts week 36, 2024

On completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • reflect on the use and functions of the English language with reference to basic linguistic concepts
  • demonstrate an understanding of English as a formal system
  • explain basic aspects of variation in the English language, by referring to social variables (such as age and socioeconomic status) and situational variables (such as formality and time pressure)
  • identify and explain basic methods of analysis from core areas of linguistics
  • analyze different types of English-language data and and reflect on differences and similarities between fundamental categories such as speech and writing
  • describe key developments in the English language, including historical stages and present-day trends, as well as its place in its global linguistic landscape
  • independently carry out a small-scale study in an area of English linguistics and present it orally and in writing
  • demonstrate that they are proficient users of English by the appropriate use of vocabulary and grammar in the different ways of communicating within the course.
Starts and ends:
week 36, 2024 - week 3, 2025
Study Rate:
Time of Day:
Teaching form:
Entry Qualifications :
  • English: Written Proficiency, 7,5 credits and English Language Structure, 7,5 credits at First cycle level
Selection :
Higher education credits (1-165 credits)
Application Code:
Main field of study:
Tuition Fee
First Tuition Fee Installment:
21,750 SEK
Total Tuition Fee:
21,750 SEK
EU/EEA Citizens or exchange students are not required to pay fees.
Information on application and tuition fees:
Open for late application
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