Degree Certificates and Levels

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You yourself apply for your degree certificate (that includes a diploma supplement) by accessing Ladok and applying electronically. Dalarna University offers three levels of degree programme: Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD (also referred to by cycle - first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle).

Degree Levels

Bachelor's: this is also known as an undergraduate degree and normally takes three years to complete (180 credits). It is also referred to as first-cycle studies.

Master's: this is also known as a graduate degree. You take this after you have completed an undergraduate programme. It can be one or two years long (60/120 credits). It is also referred to as second-cycle studies.

PhD: this is also known as a doctoral degree. It is a research degree that can take several years to complete and that culminates in a dissertation. It is also referred to as third-cycle studies. (A licentiate degree also falls under the third-cycle category.)

You can find more detailed information about the different degree levels on the StudyinSweden webpage.

Local Degree Ordinance

The local Degree Ordinance is directed by national regulations as well as by local regulations that are applicable at Dalarna University.

The local System of Qualifications is regulated by The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100).

Degree Certificate: Applications

Upon completion of your studies, you can apply for a degree certificate.The certificate proves that you have fulfilled the degree requirements.

Applications for a degree certificate are assessed against national and local degree regulations. Generally, the processing time for a degree certificate is eight weeks at the most after a complete application has arrived at the University.

The degree certificate is drawn up in Swedish with an English translation in the same document. The certificate includes an additional "Diploma Supplement" that describes your programme/courses and the structure of the university system. The Diploma Supplement should be used together with the degree certificate and is especially important for work opportunities and other applications outside of Sweden. There is no cost for either the degree certificate or the diploma supplement.

You apply for your degree certificate on the Ladok student portal -

Log-In Details

If you have forgotten your log-in details, then you can apply using this form: Degree Application.

Incomplete Applications

We will contact you if your application is incomplete: be sure to include your up-to-date contact information.

Protected Identity and Changes to Personnummer

If you have protected identity, then you should contact before your certificate is issued.

New Personnummer

Should you change your personnummer, you can receive a new degree certificate that reflects this change. You will require documentation from Skatteverket. Contact with questions.

Credit Transfer

You can receive credit for previous education that can be used towards your degree: read more on Credit Transfer (webpage).

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