Minor Damage

Email support@du.se if you find damage that is minor in character - such as broken lamps, furniture or signs.

Larger-Scale Damage

If you find something that is more serious, such as water leaks, broken windows or power outages, please call 023-77 88 88 during office hours (08.00-16.00). At other times, please contact the direct numbers listed here:

Campus Falun (by building)

Hyttan och Bibliotek (Lugnet): 023-132 25
Smedjan (Lugnet): 020-641 641
Milan (Lugnet): 023-79 43 00
Mediehuset and Laven (Regementsområdet): 0771-860 860

Campus Borlänge (by building)

Björling, Tenoren and Teknikdalen: 0771-860 860
Vassbo: 070-481 92 92

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