Agreement of Responsibility

Agreement of responsibility for using computers, network and system resources at Dalarna University.

Computer resources, network, peripheral equipment and accounts are owned and run by Dalarna University for use in activities authorized by Dalarna University. Any other activities, such as private development, are only allowed when:

  • the ordinary activities are not disturbed
  • the work is not in opposition to these regulations in any way
  • the work is not in opposition to rules of the department, regulations of Dalarna University, rules of the Swedish Universities Network (SUNET), or current national laws.

"Authorised" in these regulations refers to somebody who has been given a user account, or somebody who has been given authority to use the computers, network, or system resources of Dalarna University.

Regulations for authorised users

  • The user account, and any resources belonging to the account, may only be utilised by the user.
  • The password belonging to the account must be kept secret. For more detailed information associated with rules about passwords, see another document.
  • The user authority is time limited and will expire when the study time, the employment, the project, or equivalent, ends. Dalarna University keeps the right to remove an account that has been inactive for more than six months if no other agreement exists.

Regulations for usage of computers, network, and system resources belonging to Dalarna University

  • Sabotage or disturbing action against the system or other users, and trespassing or attempt to trespass into system, locally as well as on a system outside Dalarna University, is prohibited.
  • Commercial use of computer resources belonging to Dalarna University is prohibited if no special agreement exists.
  • Dalarna University cannot be held responsible for functionality or accessibility of the systems.
  • It is prohibited to exploit misconfigurations, software errors or other methods in purpose to gain extended system authority or authority which has not been granted by system administrators.
  • Those who see errors, deficiencies, rule violations, irregularities or other problems are to report this within reasonable time to System Responsible.
  • Only material, in which it is clearly stated that it may be redistributed free of charge, may be copied or distributed. Copyright protected material may only be copied or distributed with permission from the author.
  • Dalarna University reserves the right to restrict the user’s rights to publish and distribute material using any equipment belonging to Dalarna University.

Consequences and penalties for regulation violations

  • Those responsible for systems are to report violations of these regulations and national laws to the disciplinary committee and/or the police, which may lead to suspension of the user's account and/or penalty of law.
  • Those responsible for systems are subject to professional secrecy, except towards administration of justice.
  • In order to manage daily maintenance, and to see that these regulations are followed, those responsible for systems have the right to check the system of Dalarna University without notice, and also to check contents of traffic, data etc. which are stored or currently being transferred.
  • Those responsible for systems have the right to prevent access to computers, network, and system resources belonging to Dalarna University when there are substantiated reasons to suspect violations of existing regulations.
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