Research Project: Optimized renovation for efficient solar roof tops

Project leader
Frank Fiedler
Project Members
Fredrik Lindberg
Puneet Saini
Gunilla Teofilusson
Project Period
Project Status
In the project led by RISE and based on new research on PV in buildings, we will, together with academia and industry, seek new knowledge regarding roof renovation using PV. The work is organized around case studies on selected refurbishment objects within the stock of participating property owners. The goal is to contribute to an accelerated, efficient, and quality-oriented market development and enable business development and new industrial partnerships. Materials for the research in WP2 are collected through case studies and workshops in WP1, literature and own research. Research partners are responsible for communicating knowledge and information to WP1. WP2 will partly validate results from recently completed “Million roof project”, explore new opportunities pointed out and seek options for demo. This will be performed through a technical, economic and organizational analysis of the work carried out in WP1. The networks of BeBo, BELOK and NRC will be utilized to exploit results.
solceller, solcellstak, takrenovering, PV, PV roof tops, roof renovation
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology