Research Project: Irish Studies Research in Nordic Countries

Project leader
Irene Gilsenan Nordin
Project Members
ANNE KARHIO , University of Stavanger, Norway
Charles I Armstrong, Department of Foreign Languages and Translation University of Agder, Norway
ANNELISE BROX LARSEN, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Michelle Carroll, Högskolan Dalarna
HEIDI HANSSON , Umeå University
JOHN LYNCH , Södertorn Högskolan
Ruben Moi, UiT—The Arctic University of Norway
MARY O’DONNELL , Author, Ireland
BRITTA OLINDER, University of Gothenburg
TYLER POST, Högskolan Dalarna
SISSEL ROSLAND , Bergen University College, Norway Faculty of Education
BENT SØRENSEN, Aalborg University, Denmark
DARA WALDRON, Critical and Contextual Studies Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland
Project Period
Project Status
This special issue of Nordic Journal of English Studies is devoted to the research in Irish Studies being carried out in Scandinavia by a group of scholars based in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as scholars associated—in one way or another—with Scandinavia. Denmark is represented by the University of Aalborg; Norway, by scholars affiliated to the Universities of Agder, the Artic University of Norway, Bergen, and Stavanger; and Sweden is represented by scholars from the universities of Dalarna, Göteborg, Stockholm, Södertörn and Umeå. Included also in this special issue is the work of two former students, who completed their Masters’ degree in Irish literature at DUCIS (Dalarna University Centre for Irish Studies), Sweden—from Norway and China respectively. The collection also contains an article by Dara Waldron, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, whof recently presented his research at the Higher Seminar in Dalarna. Contributions by the Irish poet, Mary O’Donnell, who participated in the Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN) conference, hosted by DUCIS in December 2012, are also included.
Nordic Irish Studies research, Nordic Irish Studies research
Research Profile
Intercultural Studies