Research Project: Digitalization of early literacy practices in School

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Eva Hultin
Maria Westman
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The aim of this study is to analyze how learning conditions in learning to read and write change when the literacy practice and educational environment “go digital”. The study includes both pupils’ and teachers’ perspectives. It has an ethnographical design, where we as researchers, during two years, follow a group of first grade teachers (30) when they “go digital” in their literacy teaching. The study is theoretically influenced by New Literacy Studies (Barton 1994) and multi-modality (Kress & van Leeuwen 2001). “Going digital” here implies the use of a specific method, learning to read through writing on computers – without using a pencil. This involves the change from children learning to read and write by using textbooks for reading and pencils for writing to using computers from the start. The children’s own texts are used as an important reading material. The computers are equipped with speech synthesis programs, spelling program, alphabetic playful program etc. The teachers are included in a school development project within a small municipality in Sweden, which is led by a special needs coordinator.
The study consists of two phases. The first phase focuses on the teachers´ early experiences of changes in their teaching, whereas in the second phase we conduct classroom observations. In both phases we observe the teachers’ monthly project meeting led by the coordinator. Our guiding research questions are: 1) What experiences of didactical possibilities and hindrances do teachers describe? 2) What changes in didactical credos/views and teaching methods do teachers describe? 3) How do the pupils describe their experiences of the method? and 4) What role does the teaching context in terms of didactical traditions play for the didactical potential of the method?
tidiga literacy praktiker; ikt och lärande; digitalisering, arly literacy practices; ICT and learning; digitalisation
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