Research Project: The Ageing Creator: Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Ageing on the Creative Process and on the Work of Contemporary Catalan, British and Irish Writers

Project leader
Project Members
Carmen Zamorano Llena
Núria Casado Gual, University of Lleida, Spain
Emma Domínguez Rué, University of Lleida, Spain
Billy Gray, Lulea Tekniska Universitet
Marta Miquel Baldellou, University of Lleida, Spain
Maria O'Neill, University of Lleida, Spain
Maricel Oró Piqueras, University of Lleida, Spain
Maria Vidal Grau, University of Lleida, Spain
Brian Worsfold, University of Lleida, Spain
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Project Status
This project sets out to identify and analyse the ideas, attitudes and priorities represented in contemporary works of fiction by Catalan, British and Irish authors who are in the late phase of their lives. Attention will be paid to themes dealt with and the evolution of the individual writer’s creative process and changes in perceptions revealed in his/her works that derive from the act of fictionalisation. The research will seek answers to the following questions: What themes does the elderly writer choose to present in his/her creative work, and how do these differ from the topics of his/her earlier works? If there are differences, what has changed in terms of themes, perceptions of social context and attitudes towards his/her culture, society and life in general? Are there factors in the ageing experience as presented by the selected writers that denote differences in the quality of the ageing experience in Catalonia and the British Isles? The analysis will allow for a comparison of experiences of growing old in Catalonia and in the British Isles, identifying differences and similarities in two parts of the world in which solutions to the longevity revolution are urgently required. In my contribution to this project I will focus on a comparative analysis of the Irish writer Jennifer Johnston and the Catalan writer Maria Barbal.
Research Profile
Intercultural Studies